How to Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

How to Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

Cuban cigars are known as some of the best cigars in the world.  Their taste and smoke-ability are second to none, and they are usually not cheap to come by.  Due to the high demand there are many fake Cuban cigars on the market that mock the originals so well even some of the most experienced smokers are fooled.  Here are a few ways to spot a fake Cuban:

First, flip the box over and looked for a heat-stamped “Habanos s.a HENCHO EN CUBA Totalmente a mano” across the bottom of the box.  Many counterfeit boxes simply stamp this label on the box in ink.  If this label is not on the box at all, you can be sure they are fake Cubans.

Next check the seal on the box.  This seal should be green and the color can vary from a dark forest to lime green.  The medallion on the left-hand side should be creased by the edge of the lid cover running through the middle.  The real medallion should show a hat with a shield below it, on the lower corner of the box.

When you first open the box, inhale deeply and take in the aroma of the cigars.  Real Cuban cigars have a rich and pleasant smell.  This may be hard for novice cigar smokers to differentiate, but the cigars should have some sort of odor.

Real Cuban cigars will also have a thing strip of wax paper running across the cigar bands, along with a Habanos warranty printed on parchment.  A genuine cigar rolled by an expert will also not have any hard or soft spots.  Feel along a real Cuban, and it should feel consistently firm.

The wrappers of the cigar should also be uniform in color – a rich, dark brown at the ends.  The tobacco inside the cigar should resemble twig-like stems and not the more common green tobacco.

The divider inside the box should be a thin and made of cedar – with no cracks or splits – and cut perfectly to match the box.  The divider should also be cut in a half moon shape in the upper right hand corner.

Finally check the bottom layer of the cigars to make sure they are consistent with the top layers.  Any cigars that stick to the lining paper are surely fakes.  Look for little mistakes in the box as counterfeiters are often hurry production and will make mistakes.

Good luck finding a genuine Cuban cigar – everyone should experience them once.



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