Cheap ways to enjoy Havana – Part 2

Havana can sometimes be a pricey place to visit for tourists.  While the average income for a worker in the City is $20 a month in U.S. dollars, tourists attractions can become expensive.  Many visitors are often fooled into buying expensive local cigars, often knock-offs, or even buying $6 daiquiris at El Floridita – Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bar.

Fortunately, some of the best experiences in Havana can be had for free.  Here are five great ways to explore this great city without paying hefty fees charged by tour companies.


Havana is practically a living automotive museum due to the abundance of 1950’s cars driving by locals.  Cubans are not allowed to own American cars made after 1959.  While many may see this as harsh it has also produced an abundance of beautiful Fords, Cadillacs and Chevrolets that are rarely seen – and in drivable conditions.

Many of the cars are held together by locals using makeshift parts and creative means to keep the cars running.  Many Cubans affectionately love these cars and take great pride in keeping them on the roads.

For the best chance to see some of these classic cars, check the streets around the Capitol building – where owners like to park their antiques for nostalgic visitors to admire.


Tourists can watch art be made live at the taller Experimental de Grafica, located in an alley off the Cathedral Square.

Founded in 1962 in an old public bathhouse, the shop hosts dozens of artists who are friendly to onlookers and happy to chat.  Some even speak English and will give first hand demonstrations of how lithographs, etching and woodcarvings are made.  Everything is usually on sale for those who want to bring a piece of Cuba home with them.


Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba, and Spanish-speaking fans will not want to miss the Central Park’s “esquina caliente.”

This “hot corner” is named after the Cuban term for third base and is favorite spot for Havana locals to engage in passionate discussion during the season.

Those who want to see a game should buy tickets to see Havana’s most famous baseball team, Indusstriales in their very own El Latino Stadium.  Tickets are cheap and should only cost you a few pennies.


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