Best places to stay in Havana

Where to stay while visiting Havana

Tourists have two options on where to stay in Cuba’s Havana.  The accommodation options include hotels and casas particulares, or private homes.

Private homes are a great place to stay at for visitors who want to get an authentic view of the country and Havana.  Options include private rooms in a family homes, or even entire apartments for rent in the local neighborhoods.

However, travelers who desire a pool or internet may prefer to stay in a hotel.  Here is a list of the best of both options.

The Best Hotels

Hotel Nacional de Cuba: Rooms in this hotel start at $170.  The hotel is huge and historic.  We recommend you visit in December during the Havana Film Festival.

Melia Habana: Rooms start at $100.  This hotel is located on the seaside of Havana in the the upscale Miramar area.  This is a 5 star experience and for a small extra fee you can the “royal service.”

Hotel Santa Isabel: Rooms start at $120.  This hotel overlooks the Plaza de Armas, one of the most visited areas of Havana.  Many famous people have stayed here including Jimmy Carter and Sting.

The Best Casas

Casa Habana: $30 a night.  This beautiful home is located in the heart of the bustling Habana Viega.  The district is filled with beautiful historic buildings, art, antique shops and rooftop terraces for sunset mojitos.

Casa Lilly: $40 a night.  This modern styled apartment is located within a Vedado skyscraper and is run by young and multilingual hostesses.  Each apartment is located on an amazing wraparound balcony.

Casa De Maria Elena: $20 a night.  This is a three bedroom luxury home in a small Havana suburb called Siboney.  Guests often compare it to a 1950’s styled mansion.  It features a pool and plenty of alcoholic beverages.


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